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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose Ecotune?

We are using the worldwide market leader in tuning tools & software - ALIENTECH, These maps are the best on the market today, Ecotune gives you the choice of remap you require, be it economy or performance, So you make the choice NOT US.

Q: If i take my car for a ecu software update after the remap will it remove the remap?

Yes, if you take you car to the dealers or anywhere for a service and they update the software after your remap it will wipe it. if this should happen we will Remap the new updated Dealer software free of charge so you still have all the benifits of the Ecotune Remap.

Q: Will it effect my warranty?

The way Ecotune remapping is done is totally undetectable, Any diagnostic done by the dealer will stay exactly the same, We can say this confidently because we rigorous test all tuned files.

Q: How long will it take to do the ECU remapping?

To complete, the ECU remapping process should take no more than an hour to an hour and a half for remapping through the diagnostic port, but it is usually much less than this but please allow upto 2 hours.

Q: My vehicle already has some modifications can you still remap it?

yes, ,just let us know and we will work with you to give you the very best, from your custom remap

Q: If my car has an automatic gearbox can you still remap it?

Yes, we can still remap your vehicle even though it has an automatic gearbox. It does not affect how we remap it or the end result.

Q: Does it make any difference if my car has higher than average mileage?

No it makes no difference what your mileage is, your car will still benefit from a custom ECU remapping session

Q: Are there any hidden charges or costs for the ECU remapping?

No absolutely not, the price that you are quoted on the day of your booking is the total price that you pay

Q: What is the likely effect on fuel consumption after the ECU remapping?

If driven in a sensible manner you could benefit by an increase of upto 20% in your MPG. If you are going to use the power more often and drive the car faster then obviously your consumption will drop, as it would do anyway

Q: Can it be returned to original spec?

Yes and Ecotune can do this for you, But we would be very surprised if you choose to do this after you have seen the full potential of your car or vans performance.

Q: Should i inform my insurance company?

Ok the remapping is totally undetectable, But the correct answer is yes, In most cases your premium would not increase especially when you are remapping for better economy.

Q: Would my fuel consumption increase?

No infact the opposite would happen, Even with a performance remap there would be a gain in MPG, However if you are going to be thrashing your vehicle everywhere then the increases will not be as good as expected, Economy remaps would considerably improve your MPG and you would have huge savings on fuel, As a rule that mainly applies to turbo diesels, Depending on the make and model many petrol vehicles will get better MPG.

Q: Is there anyway my life of my engine or components can be reduced?

Not at all when using Ecotune, Sadly engines can be over tuned "straining" the engine and its components etc, reducing the life or reliability of your vehicle, This is why it is important to choose the best and that is Ecotune, We take extra care to ensure all of our remaps have no effect on your vehicle and only increases performance within the safe parameters of the components of the vehicle, In most cases remapping (economy remap mainly) will actually extend the life span of the components such as the gearbox and clutch by making the power delivery less aggressive and much smoother.