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ECU Remapping - Exactly What is It?

By John O'Sullivan-Ecotune

ECU remapping is basically fine tuning the software program that controls your engine management system (ECU). ECOtune use maps that are tailored to your car and your own individual requirements.

Today's modern engines rely heavily on computer controlled engine management systems. Basically each engine has an array of sensors which monitor lots of things such as throttle position, crank position, airflow etc. These signals are sent to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which processes the information received to give the best engine performance for any given driving condition.

So why should I remap my ECU With Ecotune?

When vehicles are distributed throughout the world, manufacturers adopt a one map fits all policy. This one map has to take into account many different factors that are necessary for each export country. Areas such as climate, emissions, fuel quality etc all have to be considered by the manufacturer. What this means is that a vehicle ECU is never optimised for one individual situation.

So how can Ecotune ECU remapping help?

We will actually read your own engine's map file, modify it and then upload it back to the ECU. We take the time to find out your own individual requirements and what you want to achieve from a remap. We will then tailor the map to suit before it is uploaded back to the ECU. By remapping your ECU it is easily possible to release extra power and torque from your engine without any reliability issues. Many owners also report that they have seen improved fuel economy once their engine has been remapped (chipped). Be aware that although many customers experience improved fuel economy, this depends on your own driving style and how heavy your right foot is.

The increase in power and torque that is gained using ECU remapping provides a much smoother drive, with increased flexibility throughout the rev range, allowing for smoother acceleration and better overtaking.

  • Up to 20% improved fuel economy
  • Increased low down power;
  • Reduced turbo lag; Wider power band
  • Sharper throttle response
  • This Service will not void manufacturer’s warranty

EcotunE:ECU-Remapping Info

ECU remapping (tuning)

When we remap an ECU we are basically fine tuning the program that deals with engine performance. As well as producing greater power and torque we also deal with drivability problems at lower rev ranges such as flat spots and hesitation issues giving the engine more initial torque making a more responsive and enjoyable drive.


Petrol (Naturally Aspirated)

Remapping a petrol engine ECU will produce 10 - 15% BHP depending on exact specification, the engine will also be more responsive on initial acceleration and produce more torque (up to 20%) through out the entire rev range, giving more response on lighter throttle.


Petrol (Turbo)

Remapping a petrol turbo engine ECU will produce 20 - 30% BHP depending on exact specification, the engine will be significantly more responsive with power coming in immediately relative to throttle input with no lagging at higher revs. This large increase in power & torque gives far more flexibility in all gears reducing the need to change down unnecessarily to overtake safely and quickly.

Diesel (turbo)

Remapping a diesel turbo engine ECU will produce 30 - 50% BHP and 60 - 75% torque depending on exact specification, diesel engines give the most impressive power and torque gains available. Extra power is gained through out the entire rev range and under all load conditions, the turning force gained from these engines is imence. This really is the best way of changing your car without having to change your car. Just seeing customers faces after tuning these engines really makes the job worth while.

Serial remapping

Serial port programming allows us to remap an ECU (Engine Control Unit) without removing the ECU from the car, the remapped software is uploaded direct to the ECUs EPROM via the vehicles diagnostic socket, this allows for the performance conversion to be totally invisible with no soldering or removal of components.


  • Regularly check your tyre pressure
  • Air filter – make sure its clean and in good condition
  • Remove your roof rack when not in use
  • Use air-conditioning only when needed
  • Do your windows up to reduce drag
  • Remove unnecessary weighty items from the boot
  • Stick to the speed limits
  • Drive smoothly