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Has your DPF Light come on?

DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) are being fitted to many new diesel vehicles in order to comply with the Euro 5 emission standards which all new cars have to comply with before being released into the market. Unfortunately, the reliability of DPFs is very low and many DPFs are failing causing costly repairs.

If your DPF light has come on

If your wondering why your DPF light has come on then it means that your DPF is partially blocked and needs to regenerate. You could experience loss of engine power (limp mode) until a regeneration has taken place and this could unfortunately be a start of your problems with the DPF. Once the DPF light has come on you should drive in 4th gear at around 2000 RPM to initiate regeneration of the DPF.
If your DPF light and other lights have come on

If your DPF light as well as other lights such as the Engine Management light and Glow Plug light has come on, then this will mean that your DPF is almost completely blocked. In this case, your car will run on reduced engine power (limp mode) and you can choose to get your DPF replaced (sometimes costing in the region of £1000 – £2000 or you can have your DPF removed completely. If you would like to have your DPF removed and would like a quote, you can fill in a quote form online by clicking here.